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Moda is decentralized global organization which continues to grow while exploring new business opportunities. Since 1999 Moda brands has continues to make substantial and positive contribution to the development and growth of the digital decentralized world. Moda’s portfolio of business interests includes subsidiaries, franchise, partnerships, equity investments, secondary market deals, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures across a range of sectors, with each company operating independently and specializing in their own field of expertise.


We Focus on Emerging Technologies

Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, Digitization, Renewable Energies, Nanotechnology, Military Tech, Sustainability, Internet, Software, Cyber Security, Blockchain, FinTech, E-Payments, BioTech, Drones, Robotics, AR/VR, Big Data, Bioinformatics, BI, Life Sciences, Photovoltaics, Vertical Farming, Precision Agriculture, Sharing Economy, Quantum Computing, Hyperloop, Circular Economy, CrowdFunding, Neural Networks, Digital Media, Fusion Power, E-Governance, Super Computing, Wearables, Clean Water Technology.


Decentralized Sustainable Businesses

Many of the companies that are flourishing financially today are inherently unsustainable. Despite laudable efforts to make their processes or products more sustainable, no amount of renewable energy sourcing or product engineering can change that. Do most shareholders believe they make enough money? Probably not. Shareholders are still clamoring for more. And, the easiest way to grow profits is to grow the business.

Yet, the natural environment cannot accommodate more industrial growth. Our natural resources are being extracted and disposed at faster than what we can produce. Nowhere is this more evident than with fossil fuels. The more fossil fuels we extract, the more that ends up in our air, water and landfills as either carbon emissions or as byproducts and waste.

Business sustainability tackles these issues head-on. Many business advocates translate business sustainability into the triple bottom line: firms are expected to manage the social, environmental and financial implications of their actions. The triple bottom line encourages firms to seek win-wins, where they search for profitable activities that benefit society and the environment.

We believe part of the answer is in recasting business sustainability as resilience. Resilience not only recognizes the importance of profits, but also values longevity and bouncing back from shocks. It shifts the paradigm from business-centric to recognizing that businesses are part of a wider system – a resilient business requires resilient relationships.

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