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There is another world waiting to be built. A place where people are the true center of all relations. Where we must create new ways to unravel matters in order to make life more meaningful. There are people out there who want to build this world. Who challenge the status quo and revolutionize markets by using technology to solve relevant problems, create value and improve life for all of us. It is with these people that we are building a community of new pathway creators. We invest in inspiring people, who encourage relations that are fair, transparent and collaborative.


MODA Capital equity holdings are private investments with a diverse and international portfolio of business interests, which includes various Industries for our future Projects, such as...

Aerospace, 3D Printing, Agribusiness, Apparel, Autonomous Automotive, Banking, Big Data, Biomedicine, Biotech, Blockchain, BPO, Broadcasting, Chemicals, Circular Economy, Cloud Computing, Communication, Computers, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Goods, Cryptocurrencies, Cyber Security, Data Centers, Design, Digital, Drones, E-Commerce, Education, E-Governance, Electronics, Emerging Technologies, Energy & Environment, Engineering, Entertainment, E-Textiles, Filmmaking, Finance, FinTech, Food & Water, Furniture, Healthcare, Hydropower, Hyperloop, Information, Infrastructure, Insurance, Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Investments, Leisure, Life Sciences, Logistics, Machinery, Manufacturing, Media & Publishing, Metals, Military Tech, Mobile, Nanotechnology, Neural Networks, Open Source, Outsourcing, Pharmaceuticals, Photovoltaics, Precision Equipment, Pulp & Paper, Quantum Computing, Real Estate, Renewable Energies, Restaurants, Robotics, Security, Semiconductor, Sharing Economy, Smart Cities/Homes/Office, Social Media, Software & IT, Space Exploration, Sponge Cities, Startups, Super Computing, Sustainability, Systems Engineering, Systems Science, Tech Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Telemedicine, Trading, Transportation, Travel & Tourism, Urban Informatics, Utilities, Vertical Farming, Video Games, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Economy, Wealth Management, Weather Tech, Web Design, Web Engineering.  

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