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Moda Media is going to make the Group a faster-growing, more digital, more international and more diversified company in the years ahead, and gradually reshape the Group over a period of five to ten years. With this in mind, the Executive Board, Supervisory Board, and shareholders agreed on a strategy that involves four cornerstones: strengthening the core, digital transformation, building growth platforms, and expanding the Group’s presence in growth regions.


"Creativity is the foundation of all our businesses, the centerpiece of our value creation. We will therefore continue to invest in and expand our creative businesses."

Moda Media acts from a position of strength: The Company occupies leading market positions and operates very profitably. To ensure that this remains the case, Moda Media creates an environment that encourages, rewards and protects creativity. Television, radio, books, magazines, digital businesses and services - Moda Media is active in a wide range of sectors. But all of the company's activities have one thing in common: They are businesses that require artistic as well as entrepreneurial creativity. Therefore, strengthening Moda’s core primarily means strengthening creativity.

Not only should creativity be able to thrive – to be sustainable, creativity must also be worthwhile. This requires, among other things, a reliable legal framework that makes it possible to invest in digital content and new business models. Moda Media gives artists and media professionals a platform – and demands that their work should be adequately rewarded in the digital world, too. Creativity is the engine of Bertelsmann’s businesses. If the ideas arising from it are not protected, the basis of these businesses is lost. Many digital revenue models are only commercially viable if they are given appropriate copyright protection. Moda Media actively works to provide information about the value of intellectual property, to enforce copyright protection in the digital world, and take action against the illegal dissemination of content. 

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