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We proactively encourage responsible living through healthy lifestyles, entrepreneurial thinking, contribution to the community, whilst caring for the environment around us.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Moda Group values the wellbeing of our employees, by encouraging creative and innovative thinking, the future community and the environment, which form the four core pillars of our Corporate Responsibility. 

At Moda Group, we firmly believe that the workplace is the ideal starting point to living responsibly, adopting a healthier lifestyle, whilst providing an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive. With this philosophy in mind, Moda Group established the Moda Group Corporate Wellness Programme in 2000, the first corporate wellness programme of its kind.

Initially to encourage wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle for our colleagues, the programme has now extended to the wider Moda Group community for a fitter, healthier company, with Moda Group actively organising, partnering and participating in wellness activities, as well as initiatives to develop innovative and entrepreneurial skills amongst employees.

Moda Group contributes to several organisations and initiatives that benefit the local community. We actively support the concept of sustainability across all of our companies, with environmental responsibility being high on the agenda. From our overarching Green Procurement Strategy and participation in global initiatives, to bespoke activities tailored to individual companies.

In addition, with our company-wide Entrepreneur Challenge, we look to enhance our employees’ entrepreneurial skills to foster innovation and creative thinking. Therefore, ensuring Moda Group is fully supportive of our Global Vision 2030 in achieving sustainable economic development whilst preserving the environment.